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You’ve stumbled onto my website. Now that you’re here pull up a chair and stay for a spell.

Writing, illustrating, film production, and music-making are the creative activities I generally pursue. Most recently it’s been the engaging journey of completing the science-fiction thriller Everest Rising; just published by STM, a hybrid press out of Sacramento, CA. (Thanks, Amy Rogers…!)

A bit about me since we’ve barely met…

I hail originally from the very pleasant and generically American community of Swisshelm Park, a small outlier of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Circumstances have led me to Middle Earth, where I currently reside a half-hour from the Hobbiton movie set in New Zealand. It’s as green as the movies portray. Though the books, as always, remain the preeminent gateway to Tolkien’s landscapes.

The town I live in is Hamilton. It reminds me a bit of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, with its rolling fields and dairy industry. And though New Zealand doesn’t yet import Martin’s Potato Chips (made in Thomasville, PA), it’s a fine place to exist, considering my spouse Alison is in proximity. Some years ago, she was some 8000 miles away. And that was a lot of ‘some’.

Life here is easy, I’m sure you recall, how it’s so warm and breezy in the summer and the fall (hold on– excuse me, please. I was channeling Dan Fogelberg, my favorite musician). But life here IS good. No nukes, plenty of cows, decent rugby team, and exceptional coffee. Oh, the coffee, and the tales I could tell…

So dear visitor, do click about the site if you’re inclined. I’ll be off in my study writing and drawing, working on a song my brother Dan and I composed, or getting deeper into my second book, Tacoma Narrows. This science thriller features a unique branch of science: psychoacoustics.

I’m also developing another title, The Three Green Sisters. It’s based in Regent Square. What more need be said?

Cheers & blessings,


p.s. – Thanks to creative photographer Jason Haselden for the ‘Kambo sitting’ picture used in the banner and the photo used here.