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Everest Rising
by Matt Kambic

I’m happy and honored to report that Everest Rising has won two awards. In March, the book was awarded an Honorable Mention for fiction by the Northern California Publishers & Authors. In July, I attended the New Zealand Mountain Book Festival to accept the award for Mountain & Adventure Fiction.

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In Vancouver, an earth science firm announces the ability to replicate every known mineral on the planet. In Switzerland, a seismologist notes a disconcerting anomaly seventy miles below the Earth’s crust. In Nepal, the world’s highest mountain is growing.

Geophysicist James Von Kamburg leads a crack team of scientists to the Himalayas to decipher an escalating series of portentous signs: frozen glaciers are melting, plants spawn from rock, and leopards move in herds.

A mystical vision at a Buddhist monastery forces Von Kamburg to speculate the laws of science have been breached. With time running out and his team– and maybe the world– in peril, he must act, and face the profound consequences. Jared Griffon, Von Kamburg’s brilliant former student turned adversary, arrives in Nepal with no such scruples.

Everest is rising. The cataclysm begins.

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Advance praise for Everest Rising

“Shades of Jurassic Park… Matt Kambic combines lean prose, vividly imagined characters, and a dramatic Himalayan setting to render a story that is as thought-provoking as it is gripping. If you care about the possibilities inherent in this Earth as much as the author does, you owe yourself this fast-paced yet philosophically astute read.”
Ben Wecht, Forensic Science Educator and Co-author – Cause of Death and Grave Secrets

“Everest Rising is a tour-de-force–  dazzling, thought-provoking, and packed with a kaleidoscope of brilliant images. Matt Kambic has produced a modern classic, certain to keep readers on the edge of their seats. His dramatic writing and keen story-telling skills are as potent as the secrets that burst forth from the book’s pages.”
Ken Gormley, New York Times bestselling author and educator

“Everest Rising is a compelling read from the very first page. The book is more than just a sci-fi thriller; it explores our relationships to others and to the earth itself. Questions spin in one’s head after the final page– what is our responsibility to the earth? Can it be simply defined? I think the concept for the novel is brilliant.”
Pete Niederberger, International Civil Engineer, Author – In My Fathers Steps

“The plot led me on at a fast pace– a great thriller. The mix of science and philosophy worked. It also evoked memories of the Khumbu region, where I have traveled myself and seen the wonders of Everest. The author did a good job of revealing the character of the Nepalese in the story. I recommend this book. “
Liz Wedderburn, Ph.D, Glasgow University, Faculty of Science

“I admire the devotion to all things environmental and the clear messages put forth. The characters are well developed as are the overlapping complexities about our challenges regarding technology, profit and human ambitions. Everest Rising features a concept that is unique. I truly enjoyed it.”
Randy Gaul, Co-Creator, Production Designer – Zeke the Odd, the Next Great Maker movie

“Give me good ‘speculative’ fiction, like Harlan Ellison or The Twilight Zone, any day. I would say Everest Rising falls into this category. Kambic is a damned good writer and has obviously done his homework. In short, I liked it a lot.”
John Harper, Ph.D, Pennsylvania Geological Survey, Retired.

In addition to Everest Rising, the following books are currently being written or in development.

tacoma-coverTacoma Narrows
by Matt Kambic – coming soon to a century near you

Psychoacoustician Baron Smith, PhD., is obsessed with sound–and has been even before he lost his hearing in an accident when he was ten years old. The biological influence of noise on the human system is a specialized area of science in which Smith is considered second to none. Although he himself can’t hear, his dissection of sound waves through custom-engineered audio receptors, facilitated in his laboratory at Evergreen State College, allows him to ‘see and hear’ in a manner commensurate with his calling.

As Smith reviews one of his favorite historical film clips–the recording of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge disaster–he experiences a shudder of fear. He will need to look closely, frame by frame. To ‘listen’, with every technology at his disposal. And to learn to pray, if the evidence he is uncovering should turn out to be true.







The Three Green Sisters
by Matt Kambic – started and stopped and started again

The Three Green Sisters takes place in Regent Square, PA, and concerns three young siblings, Miller, Boyd, and Dragon, who stumble on a strange bone in the nearby woods. “It’s a perfect circle,” one of them notes. The few acres of park they explore near their home–they soon discover–has more buried beneath its tranquil facade, including a revelation so shocking it will topple empires both past and present.









The Walking Stick’s Story
written by Alison Annals, illustrated by Matt Kambic – 2015 – Children’s story

The Walking Stick’s Story is about a lady named Rosina Merry. Rosina stops using her colorful walking staff, much to the stick’s dismay. What will become of it now that Rosina doesn’t need it anymore?







St. Edgeglitter & Kant: The Universal Kingdom of Ends
Graphic novel – with Matt Kennedy – cover finished!

Can a Ranger from the Broken Lands and a half-human half-not philosopher-strongman find a way to somewhere they’re not– and survive? St. Edgeglitter has the tracking and survival skills. Kant has the stamina and negotiating wherewithal. All they’re looking for is a little peace and quiet. It’s not often what they get.









Journey to the End of the Universe
Graphic novel – all pages pencilled – up to page 8 inked

Humankind wants to know what’s at the Last Edge. The starship Panglossian is sent out with an unborn embryo to find and cross the Universe’s final border, beyond which is nothing. Thirty years before it gets there, the human baby will be birthed, and raised by the Obots #1 and #2. What will they find once they reach the end of the universe? And will it kill them or save them?